Small press project. Currently in long-term hibernation

Glyph Press Pamphlets all 20 copy limited editions (2019)

08. Five Poems, Ollie Tong

07. Blood Fjord '89​​, Aaron Kent

06. SWATCH, Katy Lewis Hood

05. Untitled #8699999, Daisy Hildyard

04. The Fourth Craw, David Wheatley

03. Writing for Freedom, Joe Luna

02. Arsenic Decision Pending, William Fuller

01. Solar Panel, Dom Hale

Collaborative Designs for If a Leaf Falls Press (2020)

Notes on Quality, Audun Mortensen (broadside)

Excerpts from The Scenic World, Matthew Gregory


Ornaments, Lavinia Singer

Uplifts & Chains, Camille Ralphs

Echolalia, Luca Bevacqua

Scritti Attratti, Paolo Meneghetti

hoki mai, Stacey Teague

Cloud Study, Sam Buchan-Watts